That’s My Foto! Tip #1: LeeAnn Bernard (LeeAnn in PA)

LeeAnn (who is the co-owner of Prego & a regular contributor to FDQ), graciously offered to share one of her tips and kick off my new column: That’s My Foto! I’ve long been a fan of her fabulous photos and perfectly set up dioramas on the boards and on her website. I find that her photography is warm and inviting, thus, she is able to capture each dolls’ essence through the lens.

Tip #1 Natural light –

LeeAnn says:

Natural light. If possible, I just don’t think you can beat it.  I occassionaly will use photography lights, but find that I have to edit the color of the pictures more than if I am able to take pictures with natural light.

Cassandra by American jeZebel

Fashion Royalty at the Beach

Thanks so much LeeAnn for sharing this tip. I, too, think that natural light is the most flattering for our girls (and guys) and that fluorescent bulbs can’t even come close to outshining it.

Ps. Stay tuned – as she has one more tip to share, but that will come at a later date.

(Photos are both used with permission & courtesy of  LeeAnn Bernard)

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